Karin Hansmann received her education at the AKI, Academy of Art in Enschede, Netherlands (2015-2018).
Before she graduated in design at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster, Germany.

In her work Karin Hansmann is trying to touch on something – conscious and unconscious – that goes beyond personal belief or expression. To search for a specific essence of the time we are living in and in which we grew up. In which pictures constantly impose themselves on us and any hierarchy seems missing.

Her endeavor is to look into contemporary culture, to try and figure out how images reveal certain truths, morals, ideas. Through a process of emptying out specific imagery she searches for these underlying motives.
Driven by a fear of loss or as to avoid being lost, she is permanently looking into structures that influence our perception of reality. This process starts with focusing on a specific subject in a picture – may it be political, historical, cultural – and continues with drawing outlines until only an outline or silhouette is left.
This gives her the opportunity to be involved and in contact with the ongoings of this world. She is able to build up a familiarity or even intimacy with certain imagery and the moment or the event they reflect. Using these existing pictures helps her to reconsider the past, present and future. Her work literally shows the process of her thinking. By flattening out and reducing images, they transform into signs or letters. As to negotiate their original meaning, and let them gain even more strength and clearness through their isolation.
Just as the combination of letters generates words, the combination of her signs generates new meanings and questions.







hansmann Ⓒ 2019